Lean Customs

7 months

Rust Engineer

Jan 2024 – Present
Full Time

Doing cool stuff in logistics industry using modern tech: Rust and Svelte

Rust Svelte


1 years , 3 months

Senior Software Engineer

Feb 2022 – May 2023
(1y, 3m)
Full Time

Was a member of a small, greenfield and experimental product team that grew fast, and became one of the main offerings of the company.

  • Designed, architecture, and developed an internal system from scratch
  • Developed and optimized existing solutions that is part of Forter’s main offering
  • Migrated a legacy system from Python to Node while optimizing for high load
  • Introduced improvements into development cycles, as well as CI/CD pipeline
  • Drafted and promoted team conventions
NodeJS Python Java PostgreSQL Docker AWS


4 years , 5 months

Senior Software Engineer

Jan 2021 – Jan 2022
(1y, 1m)
Full Time

Stepped down from Tech Lead responsibilities in order to take leadership of crucial Product feature.

  • Provided best-in-class Design Review (considered to this day by many in TLV site as the Gold Standard for design reviews)
  • Integrated in a different team in order to collaborate and contribute code in an unfamiliar service, which became the foundation for the feature
  • Collaborated with DevOps in order to provision, create and onboard AWS resources that were not used previously in TLV office
  • Took ownership to develop the feature end-to-end including Frontend (as a Backend only developer) in order to grow and familiarize myself with the Frontend of my product

Later on during the year, handed off the feature to a different developer in order to focus on a product that solves the #1 pain point of the organization.

  • Was the main technical point and sole Backend developer
  • Was responsible for tight collaboration with PMs, Engineering Managers and other developers, while contributing code to a team that located in US
NodeJS AWS PostgreSQL SNS/SQS Docker SES

Tech Lead

Mar 2020 – Jan 2021
Full Time
  • Cooperated with other Tech Leads on best practices for development
  • Supported team members in solving inter team blocks
  • Established good development practices
  • Worked with each engineer in the team to understand their pain points in development in order to build and execute growth and development plan
  • Took active part and provided guidance for Design Reviews
Technical Writing Leadership Mentorship

Senior Software Engineer

Nov 2017 – Mar 2020
(2y, 5m)
Full Time
  • Implemented microservices architecture in a heavy test based code with fast release cycles
  • Was responsible for writing design reviews. Participated and provided feedback on other teams’ design reviews
  • Took active part in defining products architecture
  • Successfully collaborated with Product Managers on feature definitions. Worked together with Front-end and Mobile teams on integrations, with Architect on defining best engineering solutions
  • Guided and mentored other developers as well as on-boarded newly hired developers
  • Conducted phone / on site technical interviews. Took ownership on reshaping and improving them
  • Set testing standards that were adopted by the team and presented the guidelines to entire TLV RnD
  • Pushed the switch to SQS/SNS that caused better and more reliable async task processing
  • Actively participated and presented in internal knowledge sharing sessions
NodeJS AWS PostgreSQL Redis SNS/SQS Docker

Software Engineer

Sep 2017 – Nov 2017

Designed and implemented customer facing service (backend only) from scratch.

NodeJS PostgreSQL MySQL AWS Microservices


11 months

Full Stack Engineer (Consulting)

May 2017 – Aug 2017

After Company cut 90% of employees, stayed to consult and support Keepgo during very challenging period.

  • Migrated legacy systems to new technologies and optimized for high load
  • Provided technical feedback, vision and direction for the product

Senior Software Engineer

Oct 2016 – Mar 2017
Full Time

Was a member of a team working on Backend, mainly API and Admin Panel. Fast release cycle.

  • Introduced & implemented real time analytics and monitoring systems
  • Worked on projects shared across all team members and led external API systems critical project
  • Introduced & implemented full test coverage methodology
PHP Vagrant Laravel MySQL S3 OpsWork SQS/SNS

Innstant Group

5 years , 1 months

Technical Lead

Sep 2014 – Sep 2016
(2y, 1m)
Full Time

Technical Lead of Product Management System for hotels reservations.

Administrative Part: Provided technical feedback; Defined development cycles; Managed development team; Performed code reviews.

Technical Part: Guided critical technical decisions; Developed efficient caching mechanisms, high-load system, external API access; Defined and developed UI and UX.

PHP JavaScript MySQL MongoDB Memcached

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Sep 2011 – Aug 2014
Full Time
  • Developed export mechanism to transfer in house data to external systems such as: Third party providers, Accounting systems
  • Designed and developed Business Intelligence Analytics and Accounting systems
  • Introduced usage of PHP composer and JavaScript modules, modern PHP5.5 code standards, test coverage, Domain Driven Design


7 months

Web Developer

Feb 2011 – Aug 2011
Full Time

Developed and maintained PHP Facebook application

PHP JavaScript Facebook API MySQL

Ugiya Interactive LTD

1 years

Web Developer

Oct 2009 – Sep 2010
Full Time

Developed and maintained back-end and front-end.

Automation of SEO scripts.

PHP MySQL JavaScript